Mini cameras / Hidden Cameras - Perfect for Discreet Surveillance / Covert surveillance.


Mini Cameras / Hidden Cameras are tiny and inconspicuous so that users can use them optimally for discreet surveillance. Nevertheless, large areas can be monitored using mini cameras. On our website, you will find many models in different sizes and shapes. There are mobile and permanently installed mini cameras that you can use as required. We offer different versions of mini camouflaged cameras, for example, for indoor or outdoor use, with or without sound recording, or with different types of power supply. (We also call it- Mini Kameras,Getarnte Kameras or Versteckten Kameras)

What is a hidden camera /mini camera/spy camera?
Mini / camouflaged cameras are tiny cameras that users can monitor commercial properties, houses, offices, and many other areas. Due to their small size, they can be installed almost anywhere. They also have exceptional camouflage. They are ideal for covert surveillance.
Get professional mini cameras in different sizes, shapes, and colors. Coordinate the properties of your new camera with the desired location, and you will receive high-quality cameras that you can mount in a hidden way.

Wireless mini cameras
The wireless mini camera is used to transmit images remotely so that you can view the selected object in real-time. In our offer, you will find all kinds of wireless mini cameras.

For example, the hidden cameras are, e.g., built into ballpoint pens, Bluetooth speakers, sockets, or table clocks. So every Spycam has its ideal purpose.

The cameras in the apartment don't just have to be used against thieves. For example, a hidden mini camera for your home can help uncover infidelity or see how a nanny treats your child in your absence.

Set up Wifi cameras Point2Point connection with the camera
Point2Point (P2P) is the most accessible connection type to access your camera with your smartphone. Scan the QR code (you can also find it on the camera's packaging) with the smartphone app. You have already added the camera and can access it via the Internet, regardless of where you are.

How to use a hidden camera /mini camera /spy camera?
If you are looking for a reliable video surveillance camera, consider getting a mini/hidden camera. These small or camouflaged cameras can be used flexibly and monitor large areas.
Mini surveillance camera: choose from different variants
Before buying a mini/hidden camera, you should know exactly where you will use the camera. Select the appropriate monitoring technology depending on the fastening point. When doing this, you need to consider the following questions:

What color, size, and shape should the new mini camera have?
How can the camera be attached at the place of use?
Will your mini camera be used indoors or outdoors?
In what quality do you need the video recordings?
Should sound recordings also be recorded?
How should the camera be supplied with power (rechargeable battery, batteries, power cable)?
Which connections for monitors or computers do you need?
Which accessories should the camera contain? (Motion detectors, night vision recordings, storage capacity)

Mini cameras are available in different designs. So you can find a smoke detector with which you can fully monitor a 360 ° area.
Using mini / camouflaged cameras: Your advantages at a glance

Camouflaged: due to its small size or camouflage, the mini hidden camera can be easily concealed
Can be used in the smallest spaces: Mini / camouflaged cameras can also be installed in places with little space.
Large surveillance area: large areas can be monitored
Variable types: mini/hidden cameras are available in different shapes and sizes and can be optimally adapted to the area of ​​application
Practical accessories: the camera models are equipped differently and can, e.g., have batteries, motion detectors, or the option of night recording

Discover high-quality mini/camouflaged cameras
At Aishine, you will find a variety of mini/hidden cameras that optimally fit your surveillance areas. For example, discover our extensive range of HD mini cameras that provide you with first-class recordings or opt for a 100% camouflaged camera.
Camouflage of espionage technology made to measure

Are standard camouflaged spy cameras, eavesdropping devices, or other spy technologies not enough for you? Then you can take advantage of our unique service - hiding espionage technology to measure.

We have been a Quality Hidden/Spy Security Cameras Provider since 2009.

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