What is a trail camera /Wildkamera?

Buy wildlife cameras online & always keep an eye on the area. Thanks to photoing traps.

What is a Wildkamera? With a wildlife camera or a photo trap, you can keep an eye on your area at all times. The practical cameras are also ideally suited for other areas of application. The well-camouflaged devices do not disturb the wild animals and do not impair their behavior. In this way, you can optimally observe the animals in their natural habitat. Photo traps are equipped with a motion detector that triggers a photo or video as soon as something moves in a specific area around the camera. Such a camera can also perform helpful services as a surveillance camera on private premises.

High-quality wildlife camera for meaningful photos
With a photo trap in your area, you can observe feeding places, change or feeding areas, or confirm individual animals by photo or video. You can also monitor fields and ponds with photo traps. The devices are also often used, for example, to catch illegal waste disposers in the act or to document unauthorized intrusion on private or commercial premises. Wildlife cameras are available in different designs and with numerous different modes so that there are hardly any limits to their purpose. Wildlife cameras are kept in an inconspicuous color to attract as little attention as possible, often with a camouflage look.

Sendable photo traps with SIM cards.
You can save the photos or videos recorded by your wildlife camera on an inserted SD card for later review or have them sent to you via the cellular network by e-mail or an app. High-quality wildlife cameras trigger ultra-fast, so you don't have to worry about delays. The photos are taken day and night in high quality to achieve optimal results at all times. The wildlife cameras are waterproof and with long standby function. Devices can operate with batteries for flexible use. A primary connection is also possible.

The right accessories for your camera
Matching the photo traps we offer, you can also get high-quality accessories in our online shop so that you are optimally equipped. For example, you can equip your wildlife camera with a sturdy protective housing that not only protects it from wind and weather, but also prevents theft. For an optimal energy supply, a solar charger is recommended for an independent energy supply.