What is a Endoskop Kameras or Endoscope cameras?

Endoscope cameras - the new generation of endoscopes
You will find various endoscope cameras in our online shop. The cameras can be easily connected to a mobile device (e.g. Android smartphones). The recordings made can easily be forwarded by e-mail from the end device. The excellent images of the endoscope cameras enable a thorough inspection of cavities. The LED lighting of the endoscope cameras ensures the right lighting conditions. The endoscope cameras are charged via a micro USB connection and the data is saved on the SD card. So you can easily transfer videos and pictures.

Industry - endoscope
The industrial endoscope gives you new insights into the inner workings of machines and systems ... The endoscope is the ideal tool for maintenance and repair. Thanks to the flexible guidance, the low weight and the excellent optics, you can use the endoscope to identify weak points and problem areas very easily and at an early stage and thus take targeted preventive measures without first having to carry out time-consuming dismantling.

The endoscope is mainly used by electricians, safety specialists, experts in all industries, mechatronics, precision mechanics, car mechanics ... They are also suitable for training and further education. Both in-house and at schools and universities, the endoscope can be an excellent aid for demonstration. General information regarding endoscopes: Originally the endoscope was developed for medical diagnostics, today it is also used for surgical interventions and in industry for the visual inspection of cavities that are extremely difficult to access.

The basic types are the rigid or the more flexible endoscopes. For documentation purposes, the devices are also offered with a camera adapter or video function. Attention: The endoscopes available from us must never be used in the medical field. They are intended exclusively for use in the fields of industry and craft, trade, for institutional research and development or for use in hobbies.

The operation of the endoscope is simple and easy to master even for technicians who have not been trained.