What types of spy cameras are there?

What types of spy cameras are there?

As you can see above, there are many types of spy cameras that look like everyday utensils. Spy cams are made in many different models such as a pen, key ring, USB stick, watch, and even glasses. View our wide range and see which spy camera you can use best. After all, that depends on what and where you want to film. For example, in a bedroom, you can place a spy alarm clock or spy alarm clock, while a power bank with a hidden camera is more suitable for the living room or office.

What can I use a spy camera for?

You can use a spycam in many situations. For example, to demonstrate abuses in the workplace such as theft, fraud, and sexual harassment. Thanks to the inconspicuous camera that is well hidden in the utensil, you can prove it. What many people forget is that you can use a spy camera not only to collect evidence but also to record or film conversations unnoticed where it is usually not allowed. Think of an important conversation with a doctor or supervisor. You receive a lot of information and want to be able to see and hear it later if you don't remember exactly what was said. Filming a lecture is also useful!

What should I pay attention to when buying a spy camera?

Think about what and where you want to film and what viewing angle you need. The viewing angle of a hidden camera determines how much is in view. With a spy camera with a large viewing angle, you have a good overview, but a large viewing angle often produces less detailed images than a small viewing angle. With a smaller viewing angle, you have more details, but less overview.

Do you want to watch live? You can do that with a WiFi spy camera

WIFI spy cameras also come in various forms. The advantage of a WIFI spycam is that you can watch live on your smartphone or tablet via the free app. A disadvantage is that they are more expensive than a regular hidden camera.

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