How to choose a hidden camera for home security?

The best spy cameras aren't just for 00-agents! If you're looking for a camera for home security or something to keep an eye on pets and kids when you're out of the room, a spy camera is a great choice. They tend to be inexpensive and easy to use, meaning you can just set them up and leave them to it.  

The classic form factor for a spy camera is small and unobtrusive, something that can be tucked out of sight and out of mind, where it'll go unnoticed. There are more fun ones too, with some spy cameras that are disguised as regular objects like glasses, light bulbs or photo frames! As mentioned, they tend to be easy to use, so even if you have no videography or photography experience at all, you'll be able to get them working. In many cases, starting the camera recording is as simple as double-tapping the power button.  What does a good spy camera need, feature-wise? A good wide field of view is pretty essential, allowing the camera to capture as much of a room or an area as possible. Video quality tends to be less of a factor, as you're probably not shooting this video with aesthetic quality in mind, so it tends to vary significantly by model. Some spy cameras may shoot Full HD, but plenty more might top out at around 720p. This may or may not bother you, depending on what you're using the camera for; if it doesn't, then you can save some cash by picking up a lower-resolution spy camera.   Some spy cameras offer extra features like night vision, motion detection, or smart connectivity, allowing them to be controlled remotely with a smartphone or similar device. Many are battery-powered, but some need to be plugged in. Again, this may or may not be a factor for you, depending on your needs for the camera!

Above are just some easy tips for your reference while choosing the nanny spy cameras for home or office security.
However, the hidden camera is a double-edged sword. Please use it for home and office security purposes, not for any unauthorized illegal use. Otherwise, you will be responsible for the consequences.