Home Security Cameras Decrease Local Crime Rates

Now is a fantastic time to upgrade your home security hardware, with all of the latest technology accessible to homeowners. With the accessibility and cost of technology, it seems like an unusual decision to make as a homeowner not to have some type of video cameras installed. Technology breakthroughs have resulted in considerable improvements in video camera quality, recording capability, and, most critically, affordability (along with significant cost reductions).

A professionally fitted and monitored home security system can help you feel more secure when you're at home. While you're away, the advantages of home security cameras will give you peace of mind, knowing that everything you've worked so hard for is being better secured.

Finding the best-hidden camera might be difficult because many of them are of poor quality and offer limited functionality. Here at Aishine, we aim to offer our beloved customers a variety of hand-picked security products to help them create a safer environment at home and work. Check out our hidden cameras! 

Hidden Cameras that Will Detect & Record Everything

Smart WiFi Security Camera Digital Alarm Clock
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The discreet camera clock is designed to look and function just like a regular digital alarm clock, with a concealed security HD camera that is wireless and connects to WiFi so that you can see what's going on in your home when you're away.

Fire Alarm Camera, Smoke Detector Camera, Smoke Alarm Camera
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The camera can be hidden in the smoke detector and can also be placed as a hidden camera in various places around your home. It features 1080P HD video quality, 145 degree wide angle view and support up to 64GB memory card. Default two batteries standby 1 year, if add two extra batteries, can standby 2 years.

Smart Discreet USB Charger Security Camera with Audio, Spy Camera Charger
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The most intelligent Full 1080p HD Spy camera in the market! With the latest motion detection technology, loop recording and WIFI streaming.It enables you to watch what happens without being noticed, allowing you to take a peek at the situation in your home at any time.

Smart WiFi Security Camera Digital Alarm Clock, Discreet Camera, Nanny Camera
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If you want to have some extra security on your house, living room, or bedroom. You can set this hidden camera alarm clock, which is almost undetectable and great for keeping an eye on your house.

At Aishine, we aim to offer our customers a variety of hand-picked security products to help them create cleaner, safer environments at home and work. We are obsessed with providing the best customer service that goes hand in hand with our products.