Frequently Asked Questions - About Services

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Q: How long does the shipment take?
A: Usually, if payments arrived.
Sample orders can be shipped out within 1-3days;
Neutral bulk orders within 3-10days;
OEM orders around 30-60days.

Q: When can I get the tracking number of the current order?
A: The day after we shipped the goods.
We use our forwarder agent of DHL UPS FedEx etc... They process like this, pick up goods from our factory and use a truck to send to their HK warehouse and then wait and fly by their expresses' accounts.

Q: Why the tracking number is just a label on the express companies site?
A: After goods was picked up by forwarder to HK warehouse, usually a shipping label will be created
and line up for instant fly.
However, Due to COVID-19 or other force majeure events, the express, DHL/UPS all might be seriously delayed lately for around 3-7days.
Expresses may need a week to take packages from forwarders because their warehouse is full.
Delivery to Overseas takes 2-3 days after flying.

Q: Why you ship goods to HK for express?
A: a, Hongkong is one of the most famous and busy international airports for air shipments. Due to many airlines there, the shipping cost is more cost-effective.
b, In China mainland, the local expresses require super complex batteries docs which can hard to meet.
In HK, easy battery docs for shipment.

Q: Why I can't use our collect accounts for shipping directly from China's mainland?
A: The batteries policy of Hongkong and China mainland is totally different.Extremely Strict in China mainland.
After batteries policies changed of expresses companies in 2020, we never succeed in sending goods via clients' collect accounts.