What is a Dash Camera?

Wireless reversing cameras can be easily retrofitted
It is well known that reversing cameras /Rückfahrkamera can significantly increase your own safety while driving. But for many of you, the installation is too time-consuming. There is also a simpler way of doing this. So you can enjoy full security with our wireless reversing cameras without having to lay great cables.

Retrofitting a rear view camera is not particularly difficult. You don't have to be a technician, especially for installing the reversing camera wirelessly. Just follow the instructions in the instructions.

What do wireless reversing cameras bring you?
The radio reversing camera can be attached very easily and inconspicuously to the car. As a rule, they are attached to the license plate holder so that they are not noticeable at first glance. The data is transmitted from the reversing camera to the monitor using a wireless video transmitter. This switches on automatically as soon as you engage reverse gear.

Of course, infrared and night vision are automatically switched on even in the dark so that you can park and maneuver more safely even in the dark. We have chosen the viewing angles for our smart-cam wireless reversing camera to be particularly large, so you get the best overview. Installation is very easy thanks to the wireless data transfer.

Wireless reversing cameras are conceivable for all vehicles
The radio reversing camera is available for all common vehicles, whether VW, Audi, BMW, Ford, Skoda, trucks and commercial vehicles, to name just a few examples. The discreet attachment means that you hardly change the look of your car.

Should a dashcam be installed in the car?
The footage from his dashcam saved a driver from conviction. Should every driver install such a device in his car?
A motorist ran over the foot of a woman on the zebra crossing. That's why he stood before the criminal court. There he showed the recordings from his dashcam. You could see how the woman - without paying attention to the traffic - ran across the street. The man stated that he had no chance to brake. Thanks to the recordings, the judge also recognized that the reaction time had been too short. He acquitted the driver.

Dash cam
The dash cam (in German: dashboard camera) of a car is now very different from the first cameras that were found in Texas police cars in the late 1980s. These film devices were analog cameras with no memory cards. They were mounted on tripods on the front or rear windows. The area in front of the vehicle was recorded.
Today everyone knows that traffic monitoring from behind can save lives.
Here we introduce you to our cam models.

How does a dash cam work?
At first glance, the idea is simple:
When you put your car in reverse, a camera mounted on the rear of the vehicle turns on and sends an image to a monitor so that you can easily see what is behind your vehicle from the driver's seat.
The cameras are usually oriented at a downward angle and have the optimal image resolution for car cameras to ensure the best view immediately behind your car. The inconspicuous visual aids are equipped with wide-angle lenses that give you a more comprehensive picture than a conventional rear-view mirror.
Monitors can be mounted anywhere in the driver's field of vision, but are generally located in the central area of ​​the cockpit. Since most newer vehicles have a screen for entertainment, navigation, and other functions, this display is often used for the rearview camera system.
Other mirror dash cams come with a rearview camera that activates a video screen on the rearview mirror when your car is reversing so you can see a live video feed behind your car.

Advantages of DashCams
Clearly, the most obvious benefit of a rear-facing camera is that it helps prevent injury-related and potentially fatal relapse by increasing your field of vision - especially below the rear window or trunk. Our cameras also improve your ability to see beyond the width of a mirror image and help eliminate blind spots. In addition to protecting people and property behind a vehicle, Backup DashCams, as they are also known, offer a number of other advantages. For example, stored recordings can make a decisive contribution to clarifying the matter in the event of a criminally relevant situation.

IP protection classes for surveillance cameras
The IP class of a dash cam is noteworthy for a purchase decision.
Our IP68 surveillance cameras are extremely weatherproof and are made of high quality