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Lịch nghỉ lễ của người Aishine năm 2020

Aishine Holiday Schedule of 2020 Chinese New Year Aishine Electronics will celebrate Chinese tranditional New Year on January 24th, 2020, we will have holiday from January 18th- February 10th,2020, back to work on February 11th,2020. Please check below schedule details: Jan.18-Feb.10th     CNY Holiday (24days) Jan.16th                   Cut-off time of shipping Feb. 11th                  Back to Work after holiday Feb. 14th                  Ready for [...]

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Nhắc lại quá khứ Electronics Show vào ngày này

Global Source Consumer Electronics Show is the biggest electronics show in Asia. Thought there’s violent members and cases in Hong Kong society, but Aishine has gotten full ready for this Show!   What’s special and cutting edge products launched by Aishine security? Anti-Spy Hidden Camera Finder- The first version of detector! This pinhole camera finder is portable for carry along to anywhere, and assume the personal privacy or proprietary information easily in a changing room, a public restroom and countless other seemingly secure locations, only [...]

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Nhu cầu thế giới Một nó- ẩn camera Finder

The world need it- A hidden Camera Finder How to check if your Airbnb host is secretly filming you? Female shopper finds hidden camera in Mall fitting room,will it be happened to you? There’s a news that, Four young women from Milwaukee were excited to spend a “carefree” weekend in Chicago together, but their plans were derailed when they found a hidden camera in their hotel room. So many guys set spy camera in dressing room, homestay,hotel,public toilet and so on,how to protect your personal [...]

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Gặp chúng tôi trên lớn nhất Electronics Show ở châu Á vào ngày

  Global Source Consumer Electronics Show It is the biggest electronics show in Asia, it’s worthwhile to get and experience the cutting-edge advanced electronics information . Aishine security will be here for meeting you with the highest enthusiasm and sincerity.   Aishine Show Highlights 6M night vision USB Charger WiFi Security Camera USB charger camera comes with 2.0 mega pixel lens for full hd 1080p high definition live streaming video, 1 piece infrared night vision light realized 6 meters far distance, it could be ideal for smart home security,guard [...]

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Bản Tuyên Bố về Dừng sản xuất

Due to short supply of chip-set and old-styled housing design, part of items will be planned to stop producing, please kindly notice and make the sale advertisement schedule accordingly.   After stocks run out, they won’t be produced, only when special situation.Please check the stock quantity with Aishine Sales Director before order.   They are: Wi-Fi Version: HD 1080P Air Alarm WiFi Security Camera (AI-IP70 )  HD 1080P Clock DVR Hidden Camera(AI-IP28) HD 1080P IR Table Clock Wi-Fi Camera (AI-IP29) HD 1080P IR Table Clock Wi-Fi Camera (AI-IP30) HD 1080P [...]

CCTV camera types

loại camera CCTV, việc phân loại camera cctv

How many types of CCTV cameras are there? I have seen a variety of surveillance cameras, so what CCTV camera types of surveillance cameras can be divided into? Common CCTV camera types: 1.  According to the different transmission signals, CCTV camera can be divided into analog cameras and digital cameras 2. According to the different screen resolution, CCTV camera can be divided into standard definition camera and high definition camera 3. According to the shape of the camera, CCTV camera can be divided into spherical camera, dome camera and gun [...]

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Làm thế nào thế giới Lợi ích từ thân máy bị mòn

Body worn cameras are a relatively new addition to the security market. The increased demand from paramilitary forces and police forces are expanding the reach of the product in the Chinese markets , as well as the world markets. Aishine Security, a experienced manufacturer of Hidden security for 9 years in China. Cooperated and developed glasses hidden camera with Chinese Police department with advanced high tech product outcomes,such as real waterproof,anti-shake technique, Video air transmission,Rapid identification and so on, China public relationship [...]

2018 IFA aishine

Gặp Aishine 2018 IFA với thương hiệu mục mới

2018 new hidden camera is coming soon. Aishine hereby sincerely invite you to visit us in Hall S7,Booth No.:135 at IFA Show on September 2th to 5th 2018. For this exhibition, we will bring Four new innovative unique items: – High End Glasses Security Cameras – Wireless Charger WIFI Security Cameras – Bluetooth Speaker WIFI Security Cameras     – Wall Mini Lamp WiFi Camera We look forward to meeting you there! 2018 New Hidden Camera powered by Aishine Security. Company background AISHINE SECURITY, a leading manufacturer of Hidden Security Cameras, [...]

Temp & Gas Alarm để bảo mật với gia đình và kinh doanh thông minh

Is there a hidden camera with simple design and very easy operation? Can it be connected to phone APP for online video streaming? Is it HD 1080p high resolution video and picture? Can it work at day and night for 24 hours? Yes, it is Cylinder Shape Security Camera with Temp&Gas Alarm Camera. Launched by Aishine Security in May, 2018,who is focused on Smart Security Camera for over 9 years, combining the needs of end user and buyer to product developing, and making your [...]

Nhiệm vụ Light Up Your Life chúng tôi By Aishine đèn WiFi Camera an ninh

Spy WiFi  Video Camera HD 1080P Lamp For Home Security Launched by Aishine Security in 2018 May After going to bed, do you like to get up again to turn off light? Yes,we don’t like to. Aishine WiFi Lamp,just controlled by Smart Phone APP to turn off remotely,or set up time when to turn off automatically. Besides, we can select whatever the colors we liked, pink for girls,blue for boys,yellow for the elder, and red for lover. Each color says a emotion, red when happy,blue [...]

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