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Mini WiFi Camera

It comes from Aishine Electronics Security 9 years professional factory of WiFi DVR Spy Hidden Security Cameras. Camera of this type is very very small and easily portable. So it can be carried easily. It can easily record audio, picture and video on the live as long as there is a Wi-Fi signal. Also, it can be hid perfectly in the bathroom, living room, bedroom of  house or office of the company. It would help you monitor and protect the people or belongings you care and value. You would relieve a lot with a Mini WiFi camera in the house/office. It can be widely applied in places such as house, office, warehouse, shop, supermarket, bank ,construction site and so on.

Model NO.: AI-M008
Model NO.: AI-IP008-2
Model NO.: AI-IP025
Model NO.: AI-IP018
Model NO.: AI-IP005
Model NO.: AI-M009
Model NO.: AI-IP022
Model NO.: AI-IP027
Model NO.: AI-M001
Model NO.: AI-IP032
Model NO.: AI-IP026
Model NO.: AI-IP037
Model NO.: AI-IP036
Model NO.: AI-IP020
Model NO.: AI-IP023
Model NO.: AI-IP012S
Model NO.: AI-IP012
Model NO.: AI-M002
Model NO.: AI-M010
Model NO.: AI-IP030