Can you even imagine this Hidden Camera Charger works out?


Security cameras have grown and boomed in popularity over the last decade, and because of Wi-Fi technological advancements, they now come in a variety of designs and sizes. These security systems are available in both wired and wireless variants. Wireless models provide you a lot more freedom because they can be placed practically anywhere that's why many go the next step and install hidden security cameras. They leave you peace of mind while you are out.

Here at Aishine, we offer The most intelligent & Smart Full 1080p HD Hidden camera in the market! With the latest motion detection technology, Invisible night vision, loop recording, and WIFI streaming! With no transmission wires required, this hidden camera has more flexibility and usages! if you want or considering improving the safety of your family, your property, your business, employees, and clients/customers, hidden security cameras are a great place to start! 

Hidden Camera Charger

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Get 24/7 Monitoring Over Your Home
Keep an eye on your babysitter, dogs, cars or children by using a wireless audio monitor. It solves a variety of security issues. Unlike traditional video monitoring systems that are with high costs, wired, and come with bulky receivers, this wireless audio monitoring system allows you to have peace of mind without drawing attention. Just realize your security purpose on your fingers.

Live-Streaming Directly to Your Smartphone
It looks like just another ordinary Charger, but in truth, it is very powerful and helpful. You can access this camera’s live-streaming straight from your smartphone by using the phone app. And if you worry about recording, don’t! You can store it right in your mobile’s app or SD card.

Your ideal travel mate with security guards
With the 15degree up view lens, four plugs (US, EU, UK, and AU), and a real charging function, you can easily monitor your belongings during travel in a hotel or Airbnb globally. That is the reason why this type of hidden camera charger has been always our top seller.

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